Soccer & General Knowledge

1. How many Football Confederations are under FIFA?
    A. Five
    B. Seven
    C. Four
    D. Six
    E. Ten

2. Which country was awarded the First FIFA President,Jules Rimet, Trophy permanently for their achievement?
   A. Brazil
   B. Italy
   C. Germany
   D. Netherlands
   E. Argentina                                                 

3. Which of the signs below signify that the referee has awarded an indirect free kick?
    A. Shaking his head.
    B. Kicking the ball.
    C. Raising his arm below his head.
    D. Raising his arm above his head.

 4.What is the distance between the ball and the opponents for  free kick close to the penalty box?
    A. 15yards
    B.   3yards
    C. 12yards
    D. 10yards

5. What is the Supreme Law of a Country?
    A. Constitution
    B. Bye Laws
    C. Parliament
    D. President
    E. Supreme Court.

6. The System of Government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of power, typically through electing represetatives is;
    A. Communism
    B. Autocracy
    C. Democracy
    D. Socialism
    E. Republic

7. To me, it's 'o.k' if  the goalkeeper moves before a player takes a penalty kick.
    Is this assertion, CORRECT or WRONG?                                                                                    

8.The World's Court of Justice is in -----
   A. London
   B. Australia
   C. Geneva
   D. Washington D.C.
   E. The Hague

9. Insulting or saying abusive words in any language to a fellow player or the referee can send the said player off the field through RED CARD.
    TRUE or FALSE? 

10. How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
      A. 30
      B. 25
      C. 15
      D.  27
      E.  20

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